• Bishop-Elect/Chaplain/Chair at Mercy Worldwide Ministries.
  • Certified Christian Chaplain - Badge # 4226 at International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Inc.
  • President and Chaplain at Global Parenting Network.
  • Former TV host of the Mercy Show aired in over 150 countries.
  • An author with a book and screenplay in the Library of Congress.
  • Nashville, TN recording songwriter, and artist.  
  • Executive Producer/Song Writer at MERCY - Christian Band
  • Former Seminary Professor/Asst.Pastor at Now Faith Ministry Church.
  • Former U.N. Representative at United Nations over the Congo, Armenia, Haiti, and India.
  • Adviser to the Japanese consulate and embassy and part of the major humanitarian relief effort during the Tsunami and earthquake in 2011.
  • Former CEO/President United International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Former Bus. Dev.  Manager at New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.
  • Former Investor Relations/Chief of Staff 3 Committees at Campbell County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Former Hospice Minister at Campbell County Memorial Hospital.
  • Former VP/Ambassador at Indian Nations Development Program. 
  • Studied Law Enforcement at Gillette citizens Police Academy.
  • Studied at Cambridge University, the Royal School of Music, the Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, the Manchester School of Music, Halcyon Theological Seminary, Crown Theological Seminary, Rockhurst University, the Carnegie Institute, the Gillette Citizens Police Academy and the Gillette Area Leadership Institute. 
  • Degrees, postgraduate diplomas, and certifications in Chaplaincy, Theology, Divinity, Leadership, Hospice ministry, Public Policy, Business Management, Marketing, Law Enforcement, Music, Public Speaking, and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE.)