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Founder/Chairman - Gregory Johnson, Ph.D., MSODA, MA.

President/Chaplain- Bishop-Elect Christine Mercy Johnson, Ph.D., DD, ThD, EdD, C





Parenting is not a lesson from television, a movie, a book or just hearsay.  Parenting is the single most fragile, sensitive and important role on earth.  Our Vision embraces the challenge to empower the institution of Parenting through a business metaphor known as 'Servant Leadership.'


We are parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents who are passionately dedicated to offering a palette of resources through advocacy, workshops, coaching, mother and father movements, publications, podcasts, E-book series, conferences, events and our new media series, "PARENTING CONVERSATIONS" that will be broadcast to every country in the world.


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Parents have the single most important responsibility on earth. Through Global Parenting Network, we hope to enhance the presence of parents of every race, creed, ethnicity, and religion or denomination, in a dynamic way.  We are passionately committed to contributing to a culture of respect, inclusion, compassion and equity through our services and support.

Global Parenting Network is a Legacy work and a Parenting Advocacy organization that is purpose driven to empower parents to realize their value on earth. The world needs your Leadership now more than ever! Your Leadership starts in the home and ripples out to every corner of your community.


Parenting is the single most honorable position anyone can hold! It is the most important position of service and leadership anyone can have in their lifetime. The responsibility for another person's growth and development is priceless!


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